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    Resonate Music is led and conducted by Victor Crisen. A music teacher in the Olney area for over 15 years, I am very excited for the opportunity to provide even more music lessons for the region. Having moved to a great studio location, in partnership with

    Academy Music of Olney, the chance to grow musically in the community has been remarkable.


  • Lessons are guided by an experienced musician, performer and instructor with over 20 years of combined experience performing, recording and instructing music. Through his tenure with Chopteeth Big Band, the group has won fourteen WAMMIE awards, and two grants from the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County. In addition, this instructor continues to be involved in musical projects that span national and international boundaries.

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    Lesson Opportunities


    Guitar , Bass, Ukulele Lessons provide opportunities to learn in depth knowledge of music. Once students have acquired a fair amount of basic skill, students are encouraged to participate in recitals organized by the instructor, and other performance opportunities.


    Band Lessons are also available for groups of musicians seeking the opportunity to experience playing in a music group, while continuing to refine individual skills on their instruments. It is not necessary to be a current private lesson student to participate in band lessons. Often seeking all band positions, including singers, drummers, keyboards, as well as those offered by the instructor.
    Bands have participated in talent shows, rock concerts, band battles. The list keeps getting better and the price for participation is amazing!


  • Student Reviews




    "Victor has been my guitar teacher for 2 years. He is not only a phenomenal musician versed in several styles, he is an excellent teacher. He is patient and makes learning the guitar fun. He teaches basics of technique and theory but also really listens to where I want to go with my guitar-playing. He has helped me find my own style and has also helped me become more confident in my abilities as a guitar player. I highly recommend his services."

    Carrie M.


    "I found Victor here on this website [other teacher resource website] for a guitar teacher for my son and when it came down to needing to hire a teacher Victor had followed up with me. So I took advantage of the first free lesson and he's been my sons guitar teacher ever since.
    Victor is very patient and knowledgeable, the personal attention and care he gives to each individual child is wonderful. You can tell that he has a love for music and this is his passion. I've spoken to other families that he teaches(some for several years) and they all agree. He works well with my son on incorporating styles and songs he is interested in as well as teaching music theory and basics. My son was a beginner 6 months ago and now he is playing full songs confidently. He loves coming to guitar class and learning new techniques, and songs. I plan on continuing until my son can pay for lessons himself. I highly recommend Victor Crisen."

    Jodi V.



  • Pictures and Performances!

    Students often perform in shows and recitals, as well as band shows at various events.

    Check back here for different performances featured through the weeks.

  • 240-401-6011


    Visit Academy Music


    3460 Olney Laytonsville Road,

    Suite 220

    Olney, MD 20832



    Please provide your info below, or alternatively contact:

    Victor Crisen








    Web Store

    The Amazon Store page is posted here as individual links.




    G&L Tribute Legacy Stratocaster Guitar



    G&L Doheny Tribute



    Fender Standard Stratocaster Guitar



    Squier Jazzmaster



    Squier Telecaster



    Squier Fender Bullet Stratocaster



    Squier Fender Affinity Stratocaster



    Squier Fender Standard Stratocaster





    The all around nicest Acoustics on this list are the Breedlove Guitars. Decent value for cost and playability.

    The Yamahas are also nice for their price and recommended after the Breedlove guitars.


    Guitar for Maryanne





    Breedlove Discovery



    Yamaha Classical Guitar



    Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag



    Alvarez acoustic electric guitar



    Fender acoustic electric guitar,

    Concert size, not big



    Yamaha acoustic electric or acoustic.

    Here are options to select either. Choosing Concert size means the body is slightly smaller and more contoured. This size is an option in acoustic guitars for the sound qualities, not necessarily for the smaller body size of the guitar. Dreadnaught size is a little bigger and has more bass and boom to it.


    Yamaha acoustic electric guitar



    Yamaha Acoustic, not acoustic electric



    Squier Classical guitar,

    regular size, good value



    3/4 Size Yamaha Steel String Guitar



    3/4 Size Left Hand Guitar



    3/4 Size Classical by Cordoba,

    nice guitar and classical brand



    3/4 Size Yamaha Classical Guitar, Good Quality



    3/4 Size Classical Guitar, lower quality than the Yamaha but lower cost and has a kit



    1/2 Size Guitar for very young students



    Bass Guitars


    Ibanez bass, a bit higher model



    Ibanez bass, more entry model





    Fender Frontman 10G

    Small amp, pretty ok sound but not loud, best for very beginner. Has gain for disrtion sound.



    Fender Champion 20

    Better amp with more wattage and a lot of effects. More of a traditional sound.



    Line 6 Amp

    An interesting amp in a similar price range that has many effects and recording features. Different sound from a Fender.



    Fender Mustang

    Old model

    A better amp than other Fender frontman with more features and fuller sound.



    Fender Mustang LT25

    25watt version

    This might be the favorite of the Fenders.

    More of a modeling amp than the other Fenders. Has good tone. Newest update to the Mustang line.



    Fender Mustang LT50

    50 watt version

    Most powerful mustang.

    Best amp of the Mustang line

    on my list, though the GT series is good too, for example the older 40 watt GT version is still available. This is more wattage and newer.



    Roland cube amp

    A nice amp with great sound, very good effects and app integration that controls these from a mobile device. Different type of sound from a mustang.



    Boss Katana Amp

    This is an amp by the long time pedal maker Boss. Has a lot of great effect options.

    This may be my favorite on the list, though Fender Mustang LT versions are nice too.





    Good all around keyboard.



    More advanced model





    iRig Guitar interface. Allows connectivity

    to iOS devices by a headphone output.



    Mackie Onyx 2-2

    This has Midi capability, and several features.



    Focusrite 2i2

    One of the most popular and high quality products on the list. Not quite as many features but stated to be easy to set up and it has some of the best sounding inputs.



    Steinberg UR22C

    A great all around interface with kore features and quality sound. Has some Midi capability also.



    Presonus Audiobox

    At the cost of a hundred this is the best value for the cost. Presonus is also a good audio company so this actually has everything you need, and has midi capability as well.

    This will be more than substantial for any student, though the audio quality may be less overall, it may be negligible.





    Staff Paper notebook



    Berklee Guitar Phase 1 Book




    good for both acoustic and electric guitars despite the Amazon description



    Guitar Cable



    Guitar Cable



    Classical Guitar Strings




    Acoustic Guitar Extra Light Guage Strings

    Very light, good for young players, try 11 gauge if you are older




    Electric Guitar Strings

    (Gauges are how thick the strings are)


    Super Light Gauge Electric Strings

    9-42, good size for young players



    Light (more medium) Electric Strings

    10-46, pretty much the standard for most players and many that play live



    Guitar Picks

    Good size picks that I also use

    12 Pack



    Guitar Polish



    Fretboard Care Lemon Oil





    Clip on tuner rechargeable



    Ever popular snark tuner. Works well, needs a watch type battery replaced when it runs out.



    Random Items


    Good modem



    Better modem router combo



    Modem router
















    • Thanks to all the students and families that attended the Winter Showcase!

    Best to the Jokers band in their shows and performances through 2023!


    Exciting show planned with Brian Weber from House Of Musical Traditions, featuring students Rishika and band Go To 11 along with several of his students June 15, 7pm at Electric Maid, free and all ages

    • Congratulations to the many current, previous, and families of students involved in the Sherwood High School Rock And Roll Revival. The show is terrific!
    • It's time for the Student Showcase Winter 2016! Sunday Dec 11 at 11:30 AM in Brookeville. Student performances on several instruments, with singers and a band performance as well! 
    • Go To 11 performs Sunday September 18 at noon the Tenth Annual Olney Farmers Market http://www.olneyfarmersmarket.org/​
    • Student Showcase on Sunday June 12,2016 at noon .at the Brookeville Academy,
    • Go To 11 performs on Saturday June 4 2016 at noon, at the Sandy Spring Strawberry Festival.
    • (Chopteeth also at the Strawberry Festival!)
    • Watch and listen to Go to 11 perform on August 2, 2015 at First Sunday Arts Festival in Annapolis, MD!!!
    • Student Band performance at Teen Coffee House at Sandy Spring Museum Friday April 24, 2015.
    • Student showcase and band performance at Brookeville Academy, MD Dec 14, 2014.
    • Two Student Band performances at Teen Coffee House at Sandy Spring Museum, 7:30 PM Dec 5 2014.
    • Band showcase at the Damascus Music Café at 7PM July 24, 2014.

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    with sampled artwork by Marissa Roche


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